Friday, 20 September 2013

Simple arithmetic ...

Its been a good start this morning ...

The weather is playing games with us once again. It's become very breezy again overnight. Rain or showers are forecast over the next few days. I keep reminding myself, that I had a piece of driftwood down the harbour. It's been drying out over the summer, and tucked away destined for my woodburner.

This morning, whilst collecting boxes, it came back to me. No time like the present, boxes hidden, and off to the hideaway. It was still there and beautifully dry. It also seemed a lot larger than I remembered. `Size isn't everything, it's what you do with it` well I could just about lift it.

Once it was on my shoulder, it was just about OK. However it protruded about two metres ahead of me, probably around the same behind. Once part of someone's jetty, it made turning rather difficult in the lanes. Even more getting it into the woodstore, without waking the street.

But I returned triumphant, only I needed to go back and get the boxes too. That done, the house is very humid this morning, i am still sweating despite the door being open and the breeze cooling the house.

In the abscence of `Teach` who is currently en route, due in later this morning. Sincere apologies to the learned one down in Sifnos, who will read this too ...

I have been doing some practical simple arithmetic ...

15 crushed boxes = 1 full blue IKEA bag
45 crushed boxes = 3 full blue IKEA bags
3 full blue IKEA bags = 1 full heavy duty sack of kindling

I have 142 boxes still to crush, and around 25 wooden crates in the store.

Preparations for winter continue in earnest ...


  1. Good sums there Skiathian, but you will still need 9 more blue Ikea bags or 3 heavy duty sacks, what is approx. the lowest temperature in the winter ?

    1. Sacks arranged :) It gets cool around the end of November. January is the worst when we usualy get some snow.
      Have a feeling this winter will be a 'Nippy one' ...