Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hunter gatherers ...

It's catching on ...

You see its not all Mythos and Sunbeds. Reading about some of my pursuits has inspired Kay and Trevor to have a go themselves ...

This morning they returned laden down, after some foraging, and very kindly donated the proceeds to Skiathians winter fuel store.

Kay and Trevor
So impressed by their efforts, which included scaring a hare, as well as some hen pheasants - they returned later with even more.

I now have two IKEA bags full of pine cones or Cookoonari as they are known here

Now as they said, "Its not exactly a beach day" so what better a thing to do. By the way their offering of freshly picked grapes, were also delicious ...

Any more volunteers ...

Later update:

Looks like word has spread, a sack of twigs, and what is best described as a branch of a tree. All left for me to recycle back at base camp. I have a feeling Kay and Trevor may be involved ...

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  1. How very kind of them, and grapes too, your winter pile must be getting high now, is the store house nearly full. ?

    1. Still working on the storage. Every little helps, pyracanthea on the island everywhere is festooned with berries. Sign of winter to come perhaps ?

    2. Are the Pyracanthia berries edible , for maybe making jam or wine ?

    3. Only good for the birds as far as I am aware ...