Sunday, 29 September 2013

For Stig ...

I hate to see good wood go to waste ...

The airport redevelopment is proving very good for the island wood reserves. Winter stockpiles are being prepared all over the island. On the ring road some huge trunks have been loaded into someone's garden. Elsewhere I noticed a pile of roots in someone's yard. 

Further down the island, some of the olive trees have been potted up for future use. 

However huge amounts of soil is being displaced, some of it relocated to projects near and far. There is a sump being filled with soil nearby. In it are half burried roots, so as the JCB levels the land - Skiathian drags the roots to one side.

Once the soil had dried, this morning the mighty chainsaw, made its 2013 season debut. Only for Skiathian to discover, the roots were in fact large branches.

The mighty chainsaw, made quite an impression on some passing tourists who watched my efforts closely. It went through the wood like a knife through butter. This all thanks to Stig, who obtained the new chain for me in Norway.

So my first winter stockpile, around a quarter of a ton, recycled from a hole in the ground. The heat it will produce, almost free of charge ...

Apologies lack of blog these last few days, internet connectivity being affected by island power cuts. The internet router loses its memory when the power keeps tripping, despite being protected by a surge protector. 

OTE technical support, were really very helpful though, when I called them again late last night.

The fuse holder on the main supply box also gave up the ghost, and has had to be replaced this week. Again due to the power supply issues.

The island supply is being affected by work being undertaken on Pelion, to the power lines to the islands. Hopefully to prevent issues this winter if high winds and snow damage the power lines again.

The fun and games of living on a small island in the Aegean ...

Ps still lovely and warm, but oh so quiet ...

Happy Birthday or Xronia Polla as they say here to Kay. Hope you get led astray by the "big bad wolf" crew this evening. So how did I know? Oh those two scoop owls told me, they know all the local gossip ...


  1. Was wondering where you were! Thought you may have been stricken with illness again! Glad to see you back and great you have been able to collect some good supplies for winter.

  2. Still working on transporting it. Cut some more today, getting it home is fun ...

  3. Great find for you!
    Glad to have been able to help you out with chains.

    I've done my 'woodsman-work' for this year (moved my supplies around the corner last week, close to door). Next project is a big birch which will go down late in winter.