Thursday, 15 August 2013

What happened to summer ...

August 15th is the bank holiday here in Greece. 

Tsougria today ...
That marks the end of summer for the locals. Summer ends when the Greeks from the mainland go home. The exodus usually starts on the 16th, however the usual record traffic jam for the ferries, will probably be on Sunday afternoon.

Only this morning someone said, just two more weeks and summer is over. Yesterday, I heard of a taverna finishing with its musicians, at the end of August. 

Pretty short sighted, when you think about it,  considering all those people from north of the alps, that  come in decreasing numbers through the month of September, are the ones who love the island.

The `end of Summer` means the waiters thinking of winter jobs, holidays, and in one case a winter selling cheese pies. Others will be hoping for building work, or seasonal work clearing land, or cutting wood for winter fuel supplies. 

One of the trawlers, has moved into the new harbour. The captain is probably thinking about winter too, he currently is operating a tourist boat.

One thing is for sure, the promised tourist boom did not happen. The Russians stopped coming in July. I still see good family tavernas empty in August. I know one friend, who got a room rate of €35 a night in August. The rate on the door was €80 a night. For some this year has been a disaster.

At least the Italians will still be here,  for a while anyway. Last night the people with the musical voices were in top form. Two beautifully dressed ladies from Milan, taking great delight in telling me about their home town. Likewise speaking with great enthusiasm about how they would make me the 'perfecto risotto' ...
Osso Buco w/ Risotto alla Milanese

Not to be outdone, five ladies from Norway, sing me Mamma Mia songs, and are in the party spirit, many hours before the boat leaves ... 

Today is a big name day here in Greece as well as being a holiday, so Xronia Polla to the Maria's Panayiotis and Panagia's. The church bells rang out for you this morning.

So no more Greeks coming from or leaving to the mainland means, no extra ferries, and the winter timetable. That starts on Monday September 9th - if Hellenic get round to releasing it.

That then leaves just over three weeks till the last flight out, and it all goes quiet again ...


  1. Doing our bit. Arriving on the 30 from Birmingham (we hope.

  2. Oh dear Ian ,that all sounds quite depressing. However reading the T/A forum there are a few more of us to arrive in September, me and my B/H beng 2 of them and so looking forward to it. x

  3. Winter is coming :) Big stampede off the island to the mainland today. Thought there were tanks in the street, it was the rumble of suitcases, heading for the port ...