Saturday, 31 August 2013

Well it had to happen ...

Its raining, we knew it would ...

Rain that hammers on the roof and tears down the street in torrents. It started at 08:20am with a passing rumble of thunder. Within minutes it was a raging torrent.

The town has a dry baked feel about it. Dusty streets, and dried up plants in pots, and window boxes everywhere. Summer and the dry heat of the last few weeks, has taken its toll.

Many island friends were so disappointed that yesterdays storms passed us by. The island needs rain to fill the aquifers, water gardens and vegetable allotments. It fills sternas on houses out of town, but most of all it needs it to dampen down the forests and reduce the fire risk.

Its the first rain in six weeks, and we need it. However we are on the fringe of this storm, so it will not last. Perhaps more later as forecast.

09:05 and its stopped as quickly as it started ...

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