Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Skiathos Cat Welfare Association ...

An update from Lesley, a friend of the blog, who has been volunteering her holiday time, assisting at the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association ...

I have almost finished my 2 week volunteer experience at the Skiathos Cat Welfare Association and it has been a pleasure to help out such a worthwhile cause. It makes me happy to see for myself how well looked after the cats are....but saddened to see so many tiny kittens just dumped at bins.

If the owners don't want these kittens it just takes a phone call or Facebook message to Sharon rather than leaving these defenceless kittens where they could easily die or get run over before being found and given help.

Also something not a lot of people know is that if you find a sick cat in Skiathos you can take it to the vet and the Charity will pay - just contact Skiathos Cat Welfare first and it will be taken care of.

Contact details:  Skiathos Cat Welfare Association Facebook Page

I have also enjoyed my time at the Charity Kiosk in the evenings (as you walk in to town from bust stop 4 next to the Dive shop). Lots of lovely friendly people have stopped to chat and donate a Euro - however there have been lots of 'sideways glances' as experienced by The Skiathian lol.

Please just stop and talk!  We are very friendly :-)

Our big neutering week starts beginning of September we have plans to neuter at least 100 cats they are spread far and wide and alas cannot jump in a box and make their way to the vets on their own, could you help us to catch and release them? We have organised 2 volunteers from the UK and 1 from Holland to help us and the visiting and resident vets. SKIATHOS this is your invite to join the party We don’t like to see all these sick, vulnerable cats and kittens as much as anyone else AND NEUTERING IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD, Get in touch if you feel you could help us. In a world that could not care less thank you for being the ones that care more xxx

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