Sunday, 18 August 2013

Marigolds ...

As promised ...

Why Marigolds ? Well these ones could easily be trampled underfoot. Rather like anyone in the way of the mainland Greek.

I thought there was a tank in the street, this afternoon. Was it the much heralded arrival of the Junta?

No its was the rumble of suitcases, dragged with purpose across the cobbled streets. The time has come for the mainland Greeks, to start heading back to the harbour, and wherever they came from after the Bank Holiday.

Gone, but sadly probably not missed, there will now slowly be a return to civilised life. Some of the waiters may now even get tips again.

By the end of this evening the port policemen, will all need new whistles ...

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  1. Please don't forget the pomegranates!

  2. Hello Cape Town ! Have my eye on some already :)

  3. there will be a rumble of four incoming cases on friday for the long awaited fortnight in paradise