Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Its not hard is it ...

I make it easy so I understand it ...

Another e-mail has `flooded in` from a concerned reader of the blog, apparently Its been stated somewhere elsewhere, I cannot be contacted. Every day it seems, someone pops over for a chat, or drops me a line. Seems to some, that's not always the case.

Every post here, has a comment facility. I get plenty, do not always post them all. Some are bizarre, and if the author has a closer relationship, with the 'amber nectar' or a corkscrew, than with me then they do not get posted.

Likewise if full of spelling mistakes, I do not share that, or apparent dyslexia, with the greater audience. It's not right as far as I am concerned. I try to keep it clean and tidy ...

If you want to post or comment via the comment facility, apparently it's easier if you have a gmail account. You can follow the blog and get email updates, when I post something. There is a link on the front page.

Other than here, the best places to obtain information, about Skiathos, from people in the know are the following forums.

The Skiathos Bulletin board:
You should recognise the user name: Skiathian

Tripadviser - Skiathos or Sporades forums: There I am Skiathos Lover1

You can contact me on both forums, via the personal message facility.

I am not a member anywhere else, beware the impersonators using a similar name, it's not me.

If you feel the desire, you can follow more inane ramblings, with my Skiathos mates on Twitter. User name of course quite easy - just follow @Skiathian

See easy, unless you are somewhere else ...

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