Saturday, 10 August 2013

Evening observations ...

The fly posters are at it again. Huge posters being double taped to the street lights. The port police do nothing.

Plenty of boats in. This means plenty of rubbish, stacked by the street bins. This year no one seems bothered, and do not take their trash to the communial bins along the harbour.

Express Skiathos just disgorged another thousand, onto the harbour.

Just one cafe, so far displaying the notice, to say they have dropped the price of VAT

Visiting mainland Greeks bring their dogs with them. Usually small, yappy and used like a handbag. Quite acceptable to let it yap like crazy, throwing itself at the paralia horses. Yes even Greek dogs get names like Socrates, even if he is a Hellenic Yorkshire terrier, that has been shaved of most of its fur.

Darkness brings todays new arrivals to the harbour. White skinned, they look like ghosts in the gloom. They walk hand in hand, as if afraid to be separated from each other. A slow walk with sideways eyes. They try to make out they are not looking, but they are.

A man was playing the cello, very well nearby. So the boys in blue, with whistles moved him on pretty swiftly. Posters that make the place untidy, and are never removed are fine. Buskers, even pretty good ones, tucked away are not.

Artemis arrives, as usual blasting us and most of the island, with his horn.  Nothing in the way, should start the port police off soon with their whistles.

Whistles away. One with long blasts, like Artemis. The other is chirping. Short blasts, with a slow rotation of the pea in the chamber. It's a noise around two to three seconds, it sounds like 'zst,' In fact rather like a cicada ...

'Artemis and the Cicada' are on duty, this evening, keeping the port moving and free of cello players. Incidentally the mariachi band play on opposite unchallenged and annoying diners ears ...

Where can you get a taxi? 'See those cars with yellow lights on the roof' ...

Where can you get a ferry to Skopelos? 'What do you mean ? Here tomorrow morning' ???

That's Skopelos over there, says one new arrival, to his wife. Only he is pointing at the Pounta.

Tipsy lady with glazed eyed speechless husband. Clearly tired and emotional, after travel, cocktails and Mythos. Where is the bus station! Just follow the yellow line. What yellow line? Looks down and nearly falls over.

Husband wakes up and tells wife Kastro, is the location of the church in Mamma Mia.

Why do people who are drunk, point with their feet ?

Late flight from Gatwick lands, second arrival today of this aircraft. Operating a rescue mission for an airline, that has run out of aircraft ...

Hope those Skopelos bound, enjoy their night in Skiathos.

Another Mythos fuelled and tattooed drunk. Medium slow but noisy heads for the bus station ...

Since when is it socially acceptable to walk along the street, or sit in a taverna with your lobster red belly fully exposed to the masses ?

Nice couple, who say they are from 'Rhodesia' but are now native of Cyprus. Laugh as I ask if they have come up to Skiathos to cool off ...

Couple with suitcases, rumble to a halt. What time is the late ferry to Skopelos? 'Later tomorrow morning at 10:30'. So they turn and ask my friend instead. Who then asks me the same question. Now as we are all able to communicate in English, albeit of different dialects. We complete the circle, and they both exchange joint blank looks.

Another chorus of ' nobody told me' over, they rumble off towards the closed ferry office. Just another Friday evening here in Skiathos ...


  1. Great blog, enjoyed reading this one, I can just imagine.....haha.

  2. Two things here, I am often challenged on - Of course there are no drunk Brits here in Skiathos, and the lack of research undertaken when planning holidays :)

  3. Another great read, thank you

  4. this made me laugh, pity about the drunk. I also find it amazing that people travel somewhere and haven't got a clue about it.

    (please note- no exclamation marks, I am trying ) x

    1. Quite a few on Friday. As you know, and I am often told, " that does not happen on Skiathos"
      Try talking to one, eating an ice cream, with a teenage daughter, having a strop :)

      Exclamation marks, going cold turkey, very impressed ...

  5. I always struggle with the concept of too much drink. It is usually not quite enough or very sufficient!

    1. You deserve a blog entry all of your own :)