Saturday, 6 July 2013

Townboy arrives ...

Looking dapper after his all night vigil to get here.

Singing the praises of the Teutonic efficiency of the Germania airline, who brought him here. Surely you wafted in from paradise, I suggested. No Gatwick he replied, with a pretty swift tail wind at just 2 hours 55 minutes, he enthused.

So we celebrated his arrival, in time honoured fashion with a beer.

One thing led to another, so we had another. Someone else sent another, then another. Before long it was all getting a bit misty, and a lady asking after the destination, of the massive Toblerone that was now melting slowly in my possession ...

Some 20 hours later, it's all becoming clearer again.

Sadly the weather put paid to nautical adventures this morning. High winds kept the tourist fleet tied up in the harbour. Wheras the ferry port remains again extremely busy, despite the warm winds that batter it all afternoon.

Luckily this morning's forecast thunderstorms remained to the south, over Evia. Huge cumuloninbus clouds formed, and dissipated again before your eyes. This afternoon the air remains clear as are the skies overhead.

Today was another first for me. I just made a telephone call to SWMBO, only junior answered, and we had a chat. Really strange to have that first proper telephone conversation, with the light of your life ...

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