Saturday, 27 July 2013

Airport fun and games ...

Monarch MON 7027 of Friday 26th July 2013

A woeful delay, of over 24 hours, for Monarch 757 JSI-VOL-MAN, flight ZB7027 / MON7027

It has been delayed overnight at the airport with a technical fault. An aircraft engineer came up from Athens last night, more arriving on a small jet from Athens, earlier this morning. I understand there are four engineers on the case, they have been trying to fix it ever since.

It was airborne earlier this morning, however after a test flight, it landed back here in Skiathos at 11:10am ...

Monarch G-ABJ

Scandanavian flights, are  backed up all over europe, with minimum 2.5 hours delay, on the busiest day of the week for Scandanavian passengers. MON 7027 has its been blocking a much needed parking space. Now I understand, that spare parts being flown out and will arrive here at 18.00hrs this evening

Revised estimated take off now 20.00hr s Skiathos time, with passengers taking lunch in town ...

Later update:

Monarch 7027 airborne at 21:05, however someone in Yorkshire said Skiathos airport website shows only the olympic plane since 0900 your time?

I replied - The airport website is a joke, take it from me it's just departed

They said - Still no sign of anything taking off as at 1924GMT

I replied - The mark one human eyeball never fails ...

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