Saturday, 1 June 2013

Warm then rain ...

Lovely warm day today, with a gentle breeze ...

Then the skies began to change as the evening approached.

The clouds began to build and form. before your eyes, rising steeply and forming Mamatus shapes, as they developed and passed by the island.

Mamatus: The bottom of the clouds are normally flat, because humid hot air rises, cools and condenses into water droplets at a very specific temperature, which usually corresponds to a very specific amount. 
After creating water droplets this air becomes an opaque cloud. Under certain conditions, however, pockets cloud can be developed which contain large water droplets or ice covered in fresh air, and evaporated. Such pockets may occur from turbulent air near a thunderstorm, and look near the top of a cloud shaped anvil, for example.

Further to the south and left of the picture above, the skies darkened over Evia. What was once a clear view of the island became a grey indigo sky and at times invisible as rain fell between the islands.

The clouds that formed swept upwards, and started to form into mamatus and cumulonimbus clouds. Then they started to drop raindrops on us as convection occurred overhead.

Not what we expected to happen, but then again May went out with a blast ...

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