Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thunderstorm ...

It had been a lovely day ...

A lovely morning, gorgeous sunshine and heat. Then as is the way of late the clouds build, and late in the afternoon we get a sprinkling of rain. Usually this is convection from the towering clouds that rise over Evia, and drift north towards us.

This afternoon there was a distant rumble, this time the clouds announced themselves from the western skies over the Pelion. The sky heavy, the clouds very dark, brooding and angry. The occasional background being lit by sheet lightning.

The first lighting bolt landed in the sea beyond the old harbour, a brilliant white flash that sent people hurrying for cover. Then rain in torrents that soaked you to the skin in seconds, and drowned shoes and saturated soft footwear.

Now one and a half hours later, the cloud has lifted, the sun poked through, and the streets smell fresh and clean again.

Just the drips of rainwater from the roofs, balconies and flowers to contend with ...

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