Thursday, 13 June 2013

'Too much rain' ...

The rain came last night just after 9pm

It started with heavy raindrops that sent people running for cover, and me pulling electrical plugs as swiftly as I could. However the shower was shortlived, rather than short circuited.

Skiathos was surrounded by thunderstorms, however none made contact with the island. The sky was lit from the mainland, from the north towards Halkidiki, to the west in the direction of Skyros, and a great view to the south of forked lightning over Evia.

The forecast said that the worst would be with us in the early hours. A storm passed by at 4am, it was the 'ants on the roof' clearly wearing hobnail boots that woke me, not the distant thunder.

Rain showers have continued ever since, mainly shortlived and light. Its 8am, as I write, and the rain has started to be torrential. Just as I was about to leave on the school run.

For the uninitiated, this is what the Skiathos rain does to the street. No that is not the fire brigade washing the steps. That is the raging torrent, making its way down the street ...

It's a little too much for Junior's umbrella, and the house is resounding not only to the tremendous crack of thunder overhead, that shook the window panes. But to a chorus of junior saying, over and over again 'too much rain'

So school run postponed until after the tide has turned - which may be some time ...

Later News:

Papadamatis Street floods, after the storm this morning ...

Photo - by kind permission and © Nikos Paschalis
Photo - by kind permission and © Nikos Paschalis
Too much rain for the storm drains so it returned to being what it used to be - a river ...

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  1. Oh my goodness, not good! Hope it brightens up for the return school run! Cloudy here and warm, no rain as yet!

  2. Cold here and rain, but no rivers in the streets...Hope things are back to normal now

  3. Sunny and warm this afternoon. However the skies have darkened again from the north. Looks like rain for 21:00hrs according to Poseidon weather

  4. Thunderstorms over Lincolnshire this afternoon but brighter skies now but to late to sit out .......

  5. Hi Ian, Just catching up with your blog. Looks like you had the worst of the rain there. We had some but nothing like that. Hope there wasn't too much damage for anyone and that everything dries out soon.

    1. Hi Barty - Trust you to be 'keeping your powder dry' Good to hear from you ...