Friday, 28 June 2013

Skiathos Bulletin Board ...

ANNOUNCEMENT - 7th January 2014

The Skiathos Bulletin Board, has been offline since Christmas day.

We are awaiting an update from the hosting company Iqeal, in Atlanta USA, on the resumption of service. The software company PHPP indicate it is a server related issue at which is offline ...

ANNOUNCEMENT - 28th June 2013

28th June 2013

Delighted to see the return of the Skiathos Bulletin Board overnight.

The famous information forum, home of the 'Boomerang Club' is hosted by a company in the USA. It has been offline with what appears to have been a major IT issue.

It will be nice to see if the Boomerangers support the forum once again ...

You can access the Skiathos Bulletin Board, and many 'member only forums' within it - if you log in to it on the link here ...


  1. Absolutely delighted to see the Board back! My Skiathos fix can now be resurrected completely! I don't always have much to say but I 'loiter' a lot!

  2. You never struck me as a 'silent surfer' Liz :)

  3. Are you saying I have a lot to say for myself Ian!? ��

  4. Hi Ian, great to keep updated by your blog on whats going on in Skiathos during the winter.
    Shame about the Bulletin Board not working, fingers crossed it will be up and running soon.
    Alan & Bernadette

    1. Hi Alan

      Sadly still no update from Iqeal, who as usual are totally inept at customer service, or replying to requests for updates.