Saturday, 8 June 2013

Busy day at the airport ...

English Friday was upon us once again ...

Germania from LGW
Thomson from Birmingham
Thomas Cook from Newcastle
Germania from Manchester
Thomson from Manchester
The island hopper from Athens

The last two flights from LGW were late yesterday. The Thomson, and a 737 aircraft which I did not recognise but appears to be Enter Air, standing in for the second Small Planet aurlines service from LGW.

The early flight arrivals were battling into a fierce headwind as they landed . Once again both directions of the runway, were in use due to a changeable wind direction. Hence not the full catalogue of aircraft available for your perusal ...

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  1. Hey Ian, we'll be on one of those coming from East Midlands in a couple of weeks. Any idea what has happened to the bulletin board? Graham & Caroline.

    1. Hi Graham & Caroline.

      It seems dead as a Dodo, we shall see, its surprised us before, but none of the support or webmaster e-mail addresses are operational. Server looks like it has died ...

      Woody has another board on the go at

  2. I see that the gambiabird script on the MAN plane has been replaced by Germania - good call I think!

    1. Still nice colours compared to the LGW bird ...

    2. Thanks Ian for forum link. Probably see you sometime during our first trip for 2013, arrive 21st June. Yamas.