Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blue above - Breezy below ...

The view this morning is of blue sky ...

That is despite the dire warnings of Poseidon - which again suggests we will be wet later this afternoon. Windfinder who have revised up, and then down their predictions, in the last hour - so who knows what will happen.

Here is another site for thunderstorm radar, based in Kifissia its quite good.

Last night we had a rain shower around 9pm, and a lightning show over the mainland as the storms tracked by. After that the body shut down again. Feeling a little better after 40 hours in bed shaking like a leaf.

Its very windy here this morning, despite the blue skies. Pappa Giorgos was 15 minutes late with the church bells. Seems the strange weather is affecting us all ...


  1. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery Ian. Hope the weather doesn't do its worst for all on the island!

  2. Thunderstorms all around us, and we got away with a shower of rain.

  3. Bright and breezy in good old blighty......get well soon not belong before i can say hello in person :-)