Sunday, 16 June 2013

Skiathos Airport expansion update (1) ...

Here is a Google translation, on the latest plans for the expansion of the Skiathos airport ...


As reported in the technical description of the project by the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, provides, inter alia expansion of apron and runway extension towards the north by 110 meters. When completed, probably by the summer of 2014 - the project is expected to solve basic problems after previously planes bound for Skiathos lands on ... Thessaloniki due to failure of landing at Tessalia. [B]VREGMENOS CORRIDOR[/B] The big problem is when the runway is wet, which means that aircraft need more meters until you stop completely. The extension of the runway to north by 110-m, of which 80 are substantially in-use would partly solve the problem, but not completely. When the length of the runway is insufficient due to slipperiness, pilots notified that they either land in Athens and Thessaloniki, or take the risk of landing. According to the representative of the Commission Skiathos club competition which claimed this project, Despina Symiakakis, 80% of pilots do not take the risk. As a result, passengers started for example from London bound for Skiathos landing in Thessaloniki and to come to the island by car or by boat after they have undergone a first class hassle. [B]DUAL APOGEIOSEIS[/B] Another phenomenon observed in the National Airport " Papadiamantis' (who in 2011 had more than 200,000 arrivals and departures) is that due to the short length of the runway, the aircraft can not take off when they are full of fuel and passengers that weight. This is especially true for flights 180 passengers, he said the "E" Mrs Symiakakis, "representing about 65% of the total flight." So, the plane goes from Skiathos with marginal fuel (so you do not have a weight and ... 'prevent' take off), make a stop in Thessaloniki and Athens to refuel and take off again from there. According to Ms Symiakakis, dual take-offs and landings of aircraft burden by 40% the cost of the flight . Also, according to the recent new EU legislation on emissions, which exceed the limits set pays a fine. As understood, dual takeoffs and landings lead to higher emissions of pollutants and, therefore, to possible fines. [B]PARKING[/B] addition, the task given to the "Quarries Tirnavou SA" will be expanding the apron. For Airport Skiathos, this practically means that parking increases by two to six. During the summer months, when the traffic is greater, the two positions are not sufficient. Sometimes planes strolling in the air waiting for a seat while other times necessarily stationed in the corridor, causing hazards. With the increase of parking spaces, airport Skiathos will be safer and will allow for a higher level of tourism, since most will be able to come to the island and smaller aircraft charter. Please note that due to the lack of parking spaces Aeroclub Skiathos not working summers while one of the two positions considered position necessary (fire or transport emergency health) so that they should in fact be permanently leave, something which he said the Mr. Symiakakis "never happens." Among other things, Mr. Symiakakis stressed the "E" that "because of all these reasons, Skiathos airport loses much in terms of competitiveness." The project has been awarded to the company and remains the signature of the contract, which should be done within one month. After signing will start projects and completion date of the project has been designated by the Ministry to 700 calendar days from contract signing . Ef. Freedom

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