Friday, 24 May 2013

Strange days & Little Miss Sunshine ...

Its been like that these last few days ...

High temperatures and high winds from the south. A scattering of more sahara dust, threatening skies and rumours of storms that failed to materialise.

Yesterday visitors straw hats and panamas, were being removed, and scattered along the paralia. Postcards flying by on the breeze. The heat and breeze dried you out like an ancient Egyptian Papyrus scroll.

Its been a while since I had taken on so much water in one day and still, I had a croaky voice.

However better off than some friends who have been running temperatures and have had upset stomachs. A virulent bug is doing the rounds at the moment.

Last night, I visited Taverna Alexandros, on an impulse visit with SWMBO. That croaky voice needed lubricating with a chilled glass of rose. Soon bumping into old friends, and generally having a great time under the mulberry tree. I was delighted to see Yvonne with her guests.

One a hero of my youth, and many others too, who kindly allowed a photo. As charming in real life as she was some years ago to all us devoted followers.

We had a chat about 'little miss sunshine' and the portrait was brought to the table, for the guests to view. However 'little miss sunshine' needs a coat of varnish, and a slight artists touch to be seen, in all her glory.

I look forward to the portrait of the 'light of my life', being back on the wall at Skiathian's house soon. Once it has been signed by our famous island artist, who captured 'junior' so well, at Kolios three years ago.

Where have those years gone ...

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