Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kalo Mina - Máios ...

Kalo Mina - Good Month - Máios - May ...

Καλό μήνα ...

Its also Mega Tetarti - Big Wednesday in Holy week.

Where has all the spring gone ? Another plane from Amsterdam due in today. The harbour filling up with boats, the ferry transporting people here for Pasca. The Athens flight has just taken off, its turned round in about twenty minutes, there cannot be many takers for Athens this morning with its crazy scheduling.

Yesterday the first 'party boat' arrived from the mainland, depositing a hundred very excited tourists into the shops, cafes and tavernas. It was quite a party too as it arrived music singing, dancing, and a big cheer and clapping as it arrived.

Today, junior will be out collecting spring flowers, to hang on the front door, Summer is here.

In Greece, children go out to collect flowers, to make into posies or wreaths. its the Festival of Flowers. Its a tradition which involves decorating houses, cars and even pets in flowers. A tradition that is said to be linked to the ancient Greek goddess, Demeter, who controlled harvest and the earth’s fertility.

In Greece, as in most of Europe it is also International Workers’ Day. This day celebrates the achievements of the working people and their trade unions. Here on Skiathos the communist party, will be hosting a party on the steps of the Bourtzi from 11am. This usually involves lots of loud music, and not a lot of people taking notice.

Nationally its a 'national strike day' so we are expecting Banks, the Post office to be closed. The Ferries are on a national strike, so it should be a quiet day - unless you are near the loudspeakers on the Bourtzi.

Its a day of solidarity brothers - That means stick together, head to the coffee shop. Perhaps have a Tsipouro, and celebrate the arrival of Summer as the Transavia from Amsterdam flies by. But first I need to get on with some painting before it gets too hot ...

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