Monday, 13 May 2013

Airport news ...

Reported by Panthessaliki Journal

On May 20, starting the direct flights from St Petersburg Airport to Skiathos

Of particular interest due to start direct flights from Russia to the Sporades islands which, according to the official program charter arrivals at the international airport of Skiathos, the starting point is the 20th May. 

Charter flights from Russia will last throughout the course of the season and is expected to contribute greatly to the further growth of inbound tourism as the island of Papadiamandis and the Sporades islands by extension.

Three days later, namely on 23 May begin the first charter arrivals from Munich, which is very important when the connoisseurs on tourist issues because expected to increase traffic of German tourists, which was limited to sporadic individual arrivals during the corresponding Last season, when direct air link. 

Last year there was a clear increase in total foreign tourist arrivals in the islands, according to official statistics from the state airport of Skiathos. 

According while the hitherto existing data, expected even greater increase in visitation rates in the field of incoming tourism, and no prediction can be done, even at least in relation to the disposal of domestic tourists. 

In July the program starts for charter arrivals from Cyprus, to the airport of Skiathos. The island of Papadiamanti is very popular tourist destination for thousands of Cypriots who choose it for their summer vacation. 

Meanwhile, air arrivals thicken gradually as in Skiathos are already several thousand Englishmen and Dutch visitors to the island, and especially yesterday, arrived seven charter from Britain. 

The first thoughts of practitioners are positive, and as stated by Mr. Koukoulakis, president of the Association of Hoteliers and Group Entrepreneurs Skiathos "the season will go well, because existing bookings are satisfactory, while Skiathos a dynamic that preserves every year. " 

Key point forward, however, is the same on line marketing, highlighting features that "those who have internet access, better promote their business, while ensuring high booking rates." 

England has steadily primacy in Skiathos, like the Scandinavian countries, which are the two main pillars of inbound tourism, while an estimated opening is attempted into new markets, will bring long term benefits to the island. 

Recalled here are that in this year's program tourism activities of the Municipality of Skiathos recorded appearances in major international exhibitions such as Utrecht, Vienna, Milan, Belgrade, Berlin, Moscow and Bucharest. 

Clearly, efforts to achieve de facto showcase of Skiathos both at home and abroad, while strengthen links with the traditional markets for obvious reasons. 

Author:GLYKERIA hydra


  1. Hello Ian, read this with disappointment, I appreciate the island needs as much tourism as possible but having just returned from a week in Rhodes ,sharing a hotel with lots of Russians,I have to say they aren't the friendliest of nations! I found them arrogant and miserable!!!
    Best wishes Marion

  2. Hi,

    As a British tourist having stumbled across your blog looking for information about the storm last night I can certainly echo the points of the poster above. Not wanting to tar a whole nation by the actions of the few, it is certainly the case that the travelling Russians I have met in Goa, Phuket and Sharm el Sheik would not add to the character of your beautiful island

  3. There are quite a few here already, it seems a sailing flotilla is based here. One of the hotels has advertised itself in Russian to attract clients.

    They may not seem the happiest, of folk but neither are some of the Brits. We do have some Russians living here, married to locals. Once you break down the language barrier they are fine, and do like to laugh, and are quite friendly.

    The ones I met years ago, were from St Petersburg, again friendly and very generous often with gifts. Just as some of the waiters are finding with their tips ...