Thursday, 18 April 2013

Welcome to Summer (2)

It was a busy day yesterday ...

The visit by the Aegean Odyssey was a nice surprise, for the islanders.

The places that were open, did very well from the affluent American, British and Canadian passengers. Those that were still preparing to open businesses, many with paint brushes in hand looked on with hungry eyes.

You could smell it in the air - Money - Fresh crisp euros, being recycled from the offshore bank, moored out in the bay.

Spiros opened his Grill place yesterday. Excellent timing, and a full house. Kabourelia and the cafe's were full. The boutiques and tourist shops, that were open had to blow the dust out of empty crash registers.

Nice to see bags of goodies being taken back to the boat.

A busy day yesterday elsewhere, as my friend had a very busy day attending to three funerals. Quite what the tourists made of the open top coffins and sad silent processions, I do but wonder.

Queues at the paint shop this morning for supplies, and a very busy plumbing shop as works proceed at full speed for summer, the first tourists arriving at the end of the month - April 30th is D-Day ...

Today's tip for aspiring Skiathites, at this time of the year be careful, how you pick the lemons from the tree. As i picked one this morning, the branch snapped back, and the deluge was like the stoning in Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'

Pockets bursting to the seams with lemon's and the fresh picked scented fragrant oil aroma - You have been warned ...

Skiathian's laptop is offline, an may have to be consigned to Deep six - Watch this infrequently populated space for further developments - or not - Blog by Kindle is not the way forward - TTFN ...

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  1. Is it very wrong that your lemon story made me giggle? I hope you don't have too many bruises! Chrissie x

  2. I thought it funny, you should too - The other day I went in a ruin and picked a wild rose for my wife, thorns in my fingers, but it was worth it - Very Easter/Pasca don't you think ?

    1. Oh, the romance...sigh...and yes, very Easter. Oh how I miss the little rock.