Friday, 26 April 2013

Pasca preparations and tourists ...

It was the last day at school, before the Pasca holidays today ...

The older children walk the town visiting the two big churches, Panagia Limania, and Tries Hieraches. They attend their own church service, and its a very well organised affair. The church bells calling the children to church, from school in the morning.

Junior was at the school, where they hold a play for the parents. It was great fun, All of the children dance with their class mates, sing a song and plant a spring flower for Pasca. The flower representing new life, on a large mural, that they had made.

Then the children take turns to stand up in front of everyone, and on the microphone, tell all the parents their name, and recite a poem about Pasca. Afterwards the children are rewarded for being good, with a goody bag of gifts from the teachers.

It was a great morning, and afterwards junior went on a spending spree, with dadda's pocket money in a very warm, and busy Papadamatis street. New shoes the order of the day ...

I rewarded myself with a Bacon roll, from Nikos, its Friday after all. I treat myself there once a month.

Whilst in Papadamatis street, we noticed that they are here. Yes people with white skin, wearing shorts, and summer dresses. Skin going red in the sun, they speak French and German, and are enjoying the shops.

More got off the ferry this morning, when it arrived. Suitcases trundling up the street, many of them young Greeks - Tourists putting a smile on locals faces, and much needed Euro's in the bank ...


  1. Can't wait to be one of those pasty tourists in a weeks time, no idea what to expect but excited to be on ' The Rock ' for Pasca. ��

  2. If the weather stays like this, bring some good suntan cream :)