Friday, 19 April 2013

Only in Greece ...

Can the children suffer for a political decision ...

Where are the school friends ?
I have shared many times the crazy and baffling bureaucracy of this country, sometimes it defies belief. Today is no exception. This morning there are 14 children sitting at home wondering why they are not going to Kindergarten today.

Their teacher is sitting at home too...

So the Kindergarten has three classrooms, and two teachers. It also has a considerable waiting list of children from the island waiting to join. Parents who scrimp, and save to pay the fee for their children to attend each month in these difficult times.

So the school gained permission from the hierachy, to have an extra teacher to fill the empty classroom. and give 14/15 children some kindergarten education. News spread like wildfire as parents sought out the paperwork and authority for their children to join the class.

Only the lucky children allowed to join the extra class, were given a teacher who was awarded a six month rather than a full time contract.

The arrangements were in place, and the parents of the class were advised last week that the kids were finishing on April 26th, when the children break for the Pasca holiday.

Tough to break the news to the children, but the school arranged a party for the 26th, for everyone to have a great time, and for a class to say goodbye, see you in September.

We thought it strange when this week, we had to sign for this months invoice ...

There was an impassioned meeting of parents after school yesterday, parents desperate for there to be an extension, a stay of execution. After all many of the parents start work shortly, and this class allows some of the mothers to work in hotels in the mornings, earning some much needed money ...

So the phone rang after the meeting at 4pm last night - The representative of the parents had called, with another update. Was it good news ?

The message was, School has finished for the class, with immediate effect. Its not the schools fault, it is a victim of circumstance. No more fun for the children, No more see you in September, No end of term or class party.

No refund for the parents who, have bought the T-shirts for the party. Neither for the fees that they have paid one months money, for 14 days out of 20 possible for school.

Children are our future, but not here in Greece, here they are a commodity to be traded as pawns in a game of political chess. Where you cannot employ a teacher on a full term contract, but you can dismiss the children whenever you feel like it.

You have to live here to see it, let alone believe it - This is life on a small island in the aegean ...

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