Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Changing places ...

Its all change in town ...

So as town springs back to life, with two weeks until the first flight arrives from Amsterdam. Its time for an update on the changing face of Papadamatis street.

Here is the new restaurant in Papadamatis street, it is housed in the former OTE (Telephone exchange) building,  Its part of a chain owned by Dimitris Skarmoutsos, he is the chef on 'Greek Masterchef'. I understand it will be Deli style, with an open kitchen.

Interestingly, its had a great refurbishment, but as upstairs probably belongs to someone else, The paint job did not reach too far upwards, shame as its a very well executed job other than that.

Then there is the former Albatros bar, that will shortly open as a tourist gift shop.

The Neon fast food shop closed last month, its now been renovated and will be 'another souvenir shop'

The staff from Neon are working at a new Grill house, located in Evaggelistra street. It opened its doors last Saturday, with a great party to launch the new business, on the site of what was once a very popular taverna.

The excellent Karamelia patisserie, located next to the Mouria hotel has relocated to what was a 'Greek sweets' shop at the bottom of Papadamatis street. Kalo Kalokeri - Good Summer to Ioannis and the family ...

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  1. When I was in Skiathos last year I noticed that the bakery opposite bus stop number 2 was closed down :-(
    I used to get gorgeous olive bread there! do you know if the bakery has moved somewhere else?

  2. Sorry no idea, will try to find out for you ...

  3. Danos Bakery was closed this morning, however it does not look deserted, will keep an eye out for signs of life. Avoid the mass produced part bake bread from Ariston - Its not worth it. Try the one from the bakery in the middle of Papadamatis street, or the one from the bakery at Agia Triada ...

  4. Ah thanks I will try both :-)
    not sure where Agia Triada is but will look on a map!

  5. Up Papadamatis street to the junction with the school. Turn left at the honey and oil shop. Walk up the hill towards Plakes, and the medical centre. 50 metres from the end of the road on left hand side is the Agia Triada bakery. The area at the top is Agia Triada.

  6. thank you, only 4 weeks & 4 days to go....