Monday, 29 April 2013

ANES Lines - Slight delay - Reported by Skopelos News ...

Slight delay - Reported by Skopelos News ...

ANES Lines has announced in a written statement that the ferryboat Proteus will not start working in the Sporades until the 10th of May (see below) We received the statement from Madro Travel who will sell the boat tickets for ANES Lines.
This is the (free) translation
Due to unforeseen bureaucratic procedures the running of our ship "F / F / B PROTEUS" on the line North Sporades is postponed to Friday, May 10.
Due to the workload at the concerned department and the May Day holiday, the certificates of the ship will not be ready before Holy Thursday afternoon, despite the fact that the ship has already completed its annual inspection and repair.
To avoid maximization of the problem but also because of the holidays that follow (Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday) the online booking service will remain closed until Thursday, May 9.
In the case that the certificates will issued earlier the ship will immediately start its services and you will be informed.
For passengers that have issued tickets issued we take on the additional cost for a ticket with another ship; and we provide them with a free open ticket with our boat (passenger and vehicle).
The issue of free tickets also applies to passengers who have only made a reservation. We apologize for this unforeseen development.

'Due to unforeseen bureaucratic procedures' - What in Greece? - I am surprised ...

On the subject of boats, here is a view of the harbour getting busy ready for Summer. Note the beach taxis have arrived ready for work. Poseidon has taken up its berth too.

The first flight arrived today, I am advised by one gossip that the tourists went over to Skopelos. That  said quite a few 'white faces with children' dining on the harbour this evening, in summer wear ...

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