Friday, 8 March 2013

WD40 ...

Another name for 'Damp Start' which is how it was again today ...

Rain last night and the sound of drips on the roof, that being slow and intermittent signal a fine rain that is not quite a drizzle. A slow walk with junior splashing through the puddles on the way to school.

Clouds gripping to the hills with white fingers, and a nip in the air. The lemon tree near the school, hanging low with the huge fruit all glistening damp. Now none within an arms reach of the fence at all. Cherry blossom struggling to appear and thos flowers that have all have a little pera drop of rain attached.

The small holding has been harvested of its huge broccoli, most of the cauliflowers too. The last of the cabbages are still in situ, looking smart as they have been stripped lettuces now growing in their place, some alongside Onions sharing the space, and doubling the yield.

The hens though all sitting in their milk crates keeping eggs warm, that will be taken later.

Slowly the clouds have lifted during the morning and the winds have turned to the south. This has brought the promised milder air and a sticky feel. Perhaps the promised 20 degrees and a beach day on Sunday is going to happen after all.

Last nights rains mean no delivery of firewood today. I doubt that there is any dry stockpiled wood on the island after the rain last night. If the delivery comes next week, then so be it. If the weekend remains dry and warm then all the better.

Tonight I am off to the school for a parents meeting about the carnival party. We shall see what happens next, and how the plans progress - After all, this is Greece - Siga Siga or slowly slowly ...

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