Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thunder and Lightning ...

We have a thunderstorm nearby, that has really rattled the windows ...

Friends down in the Platanias valley advise that they have had large hailstones. The power has dipped once temporarily knocking out our internet connection. The Electricity supply here can be quite interesting at times. I saw the lightning flash out of the window, off went the power, (and the PC) - There was the thunderclap and back on it came again all in a few seconds.

Earlier I was at the 'dead centre of town' helping to take down some light fittings, good job it was before the storm arrived, but even then the clouds were dark and brooding overhead.

On the way back, I had to navigate round puddles as an electric cable went from one house to another. The cable around 50 metres long, and in places submerged. I assume someone was 'borrowing' electric to do a job. Never mind the risk of electrocution ...

We have pressed a bag of lemons this afternoon, the juice, made into ice cubes for later use. Another litre of fresh lemonade in the jar for junior. The Limoncello starts week 2 with the addition of 750ml of sugar syrup to the chemistry ...

Polite request:

If anyone notices any of my Blog or BB photos appearing on Facebook or other Web pages, in a different name (I post as Skiathian) - please let me know.
I have had another report of photos 'migrating' from friends yesterday.
The photos are being shared without my permission, or any credit to me - who took them here on Skiathos on February 11th 2013

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