Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Technical problem ...

Skiathian is offline, due to a technical problem with the author.

Confined to bed for over 24 hours, with one of those 24 hour things. It seems I have fallen for the island bug that has been doing the rounds.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Raising a glass of lemsip, whilst sheltering under two duvets - shaking like a leaf - Yammas ...


  1. Hope you feel better soon . Wrap up warm and keep them hot toddys on the go. We need you out and about to bring us the island news. Take care

  2. drink brandy with a little boiling water get under the duvets and sweat it out right as rain the next day if not more brandy
    hope this helps if not keep the brandy till august ha ha

    1. Hi richie

      Good idea, but probably best save it for you in August :)

  3. if we bump into each other we will have a drink then

  4. Hi Skiathian, Just read that you're not well. Hope you are better soon. Barty aka Parianos.

  5. Hi Barty, Long time no hear - Feeling better today, school run in the rain. Been speaking to a mate in Lefkada - better weather on the way ...