Wednesday, 6 February 2013

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Ferry Strike:

The ferry strike is over (for now) - The flying Cat and Express Skiathos will both operate on Wednesday. The brinkmanship by the unions on Tuesday morning, calling a further 48 hour strike until Friday 6am, prompted action from the government to force a return to work by the crews.

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Ferry Competition (At Last):

The newspaper "Thessalia" wrote:

From next April the line Volos - Sporades acquires second boat and on a yearly basis. The shipping company ANES of Symi Dodecanese, line will launch the ship "first" and has already taken the "green" light from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Shipping Board. The company's initial proposal to the Ministry of Shipping, as it became known, involved only in summer, but the ministry demanded an annual activity. The company, as stated by General manager ANES Vassilis Papakalodoukas has progressed to study and will cover the line on an annual basis.

The ship will start its services by April 20. For the period April - May you run a service daily, then from June to September will double. The company enters the service of seeds with reduced fares by 30% compared to other conventional and high-speed ferries. As said Mr Papakalodoukas, the research to date and according to the evidence, the motion in the line of Sporades is good and there is need for routing and other conventional ship now ship now running routes.

Noted with emphasis that before the company submitted the proposal to the Ministry of Marine, had contact with the mayors of the three islands, which-as mentioned-not submitted anything different, nor strengthened the company's position. Research by the company, according to general manager, showed that Skiathos has 80% of the total traffic to the Sporades. He added that passenger traffic to Skopelos is 18% and 12% to Alonissos. It shortfall in handling traffic islands of the routes currently operated. The annual traffic Skopelos - Alonissos is below 100,000 passengers annually. The ANES will pay attention to routes Skopelos and Alonissos to better serve the legal residents.

This vessel, to be deployed in the Sporades, aged 39 years, was reconstructed in 2008. Portability has 130 cars and 400 passengers and operates according to international navigation rules.
The company is joint-stock company ANES. Formed in 1979 and has three ships. The "first" operates on Symi and from April will come in Sporades. Two years ago the company bought the ship "Mary Skiathos" now called "Saint nectar"

OTE Building:

The neighbours say this will be a new restaurant operated by Dimitris Skarmoutsos of Greek Masterchef fame. Others say this will be located opposite in the Old Albatross bar. Either way it will be a great addition to Papadamatis street, and will certainly shake up the restaurant competition.

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