Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New record attempt ...

I think I have excelled this morning ...

Junior is unwell, so a trip to see Dr Panayotis the excellent pediatrician, up at the medical centre. If ever there was a person who excels at his work, then in my opinion it is this man. Not only diagnosing what was wrong with Junior, and making clear what we needed to do. He translates everything clearly, and ensures we understand the process required to get things right.

Prescription administered, but the medical book is missing a number, due to a change in regulations so this was the process ...

  1. 09.30am Home to Medical centre with Junior
  2. Pay €5 Hospital appointment fee for use of the facility
  3. Medical centre to Pharmacy with temporary prescription
  4. Pharmacy to home (Need more funds)
  5. Home to bank (Get more funds)
  6. Bank to Pharmacy (Pay for prescription)
  7. Pharmacy to home (With prescription and a lot less money)
  8. Call the KEP office to enquire what documents are required to obtain the number
  9. Home to stationery shop, to photocopy documentation required for KEP
  10. Stationery shop to public information office KEP (Number required on health book)

    The KEP office are outstanding as representatives of a public service organisation, here on the island. A head and shoulders above anyone else in public office, that I have met.
  11. KEP to medical centre (With Heath book, and certificate of the number required)
  12. Back in to see Dr - Impressed with the documentation that had been assembled

    Whilst talking to me the doctor heard a child arrive, who was coughing outside, he diagnosed his next junior patient, as suffering with Croop, and ensured that I recognised this sound for future reference - should I ever have the need.
  13. Medical centre to Pharmacy (With Heath book, bar codes, and proper prescription issued to claim refund - 1)
  14. Pharmacy to home (Need bar codes from medicine)
  15. Home to Pharmacy (With Heath book and proper prescription to claim refund - 2 TBA)
  16. Pharmacy to home (With a partial refund)
Arrived home at 12.39pm and have developed cramp for some reason ...

In the mean time the town water has been cut off, so down to the harbour to get a free bucket of harbour water, for the empty cistern. So far no power cuts ...


  1. I will have to have a lay down myself am exhausted just reading about it . But am sure it must be keeping you fit. You will be able to have an extra treat later after burning off them calories.;)

  2. Ps . Hope Junior is on the mend.