Friday, 15 February 2013

Brief respite ...

... from the monsoonal conditions overnight.

The afternoon saw a break in the rain, dark clouds lifting over the hills and a distinct nip in the air.

There was a breeze tonight, which disturbed the woodsmoke zone, outside the ring road. If you look over you see a Skiathos smog, as we all try to keep warm in the shadow below the hills. But tonight the chimney funnels of woodsmoke, looked rather like an LS Lowry painting

The photo did not quite work, but this should give you the general idea ...

I took an excursion up to Carrefour, strangely in the belief that it would be well stocked on a Friday  Much to my surprise, empty fridges, and a return to the winter problem of no eggs.

Quite what happens to the mainland chickens, no-one knows. But the egg counter is resembling a Russian store circa 1977. Empty of the goods one desires apart from a battered box, labeled with something about Omega 3.

Strangely the frozen Lasagne fridge is empty - Neigh Neigh. Usually ignored, covered in Antarctican permafrost, and the fact that it looks like a dropped Mousaka. However like the rest of Europe, all is not what it seems. What comes out of France, is not always of Michelin standard, whereas the cat food counter contained tins labelled Beef ...

PS: Just heading, to take shelter below the stairs, meteorite due by in six minutes

PPS: 21:38pm - SkyNews advise the Asteroid Skimed Past Earth At Up To 18,641mph

Post no 800 ...

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