Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Skiathos Airport expansion update ...

Panthessaliki Journal wrote:

Important step in relation to the modernization and development of the state airport of Skiathos is the signing of the decision to award the project "Extension floor ramp and taxiway connecting the new national airport in Skiathos" with a budget of EUR 18,500,000 by the Deputy Minister Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Stavros Kalogiannis. 

Application years is about Skiathos expansion project runway the aircraft to the international airport of Skiathos, in order to make it more functional and accessible for more aircraft, especially at the peak of the tourist season. 

Commenting on the above development Skiathos Mayor Mr Plomari, stresses the essential task because "it facilitates the island and make it more functional airport, where at present there are only two parking spaces, one for air and one for emergency service. " 

Decision signed by Mr. Kalogiannis, concerned specifically with the award of the project, which includes the expansion of floor ramp, rebuilding the existing connector taxiways and the construction of a new taxiway, total length 140 meters. Also extending the runway by 110 meters north and 530 road construction flanking measures. 

The project is noteworthy, included in the program of the ministry "Accessibility Improvement" while the draft contract was sent to the Court for pre-contractual control. Taking even mind that the airport of Skiathos is a key gateway for inbound tourism and three islands of Sporades, it is obvious that the proposed projects will help to further increase the number of aircraft and by extension, the visitors of the summer, coming from different countries of the world.


  1. Will this affect Xanemos beach?

  2. Hi Janeybos

    It does say extending the runway by 110 meters North(Seem to recall 300 metres at one stage) So yes would assume so, the turning point is almost on the beach.

  3. That's a shame, Yorgos will not be happy.

  4. They could extend it over Xanemos beach with a ramp along the lines of HMS Hermes.
    Why stop at that: fit a catapult for assisted take off.
    With cable arrester gear for the landing.
    As if the landing and take off aren't interesting enough for passengers as it is!
    Ejector seats as well please.

  5. HI Shirley

    Its already around 30 feet higher at the Xanemos end, than the harbour. It was much more fun years ago landing in the older 737's. Its quite tame now in comparison. Perhaps you need a trip to Alton Towers instead ...