Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New years day ...

Started well at midnight ...

There is something about the neighbour, who is calm and collected all year. Then at Midnight joins the celebration with his pump action shotgun, in the street firing up into the sky.

That's the way its done here, fireworks are for showing off at weddings, or celebrations at Pasca.

Its grey cool and damp, and the misty woodsmoke filled lanes, do have the chilly feel. The  bad weather has continued with showers until early this morning. There is a fine rain in the air, but we hope it will clear through the islands tonight.

After all, the Festival of lights - Epiphany is approaching and we would like to see the boys go for a swim in sunshine for a change. I call it the festival of umbrella's as that is what is on most of my photo's.

The village is sleepy, no doubt there are a few hangovers around, but most people will be by the fire keeping warm, just like we are too ...

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