Monday, 7 January 2013

Nameday ...

Χρονια πολλα σε ολους τους εορταζοντες σημερα 
Many years to the fellow celebrants of their nameday today

GIANNA (Yanna, Gianna)
GIANNIS (Yannis, Giannis, Yannos, Giannos, Yangos)
JEANNETTE (Jeannette, Jean, Zannetos)
JOHN (Ioanna, Ioannis, Ivana, Vana, Vanna)
PRODROMOS (Prodromos)

I spent mine doing all the saintly things, like collecting water from the spring, where thankfully the water bursts forth from the ground warmer than the cold air. Its not a bad idea to get your hands wet - to warm them up.

The olive press was still working, but not, the hive of activity it was just a few weeks ago.

Some stray dogs in the morning light, wandering along the road, by club strip. Hopefully the good people of the dogs home will pick them up. Give them shelter and feed them.

Neither of the trawlers went out this morning, the weather has been building again all day. Right now its howling outside again. The Nunki weather station at Xanemos reporting 45kph winds so Force 6 in the Beaufort scale and set to be higher later

Weather formations earlier today

A couple of the island 'sages' have been checking their seaweed, and suggest we will get snow tomorrow. 

I think its just too early, but am tipping us to get some in a few weeks time. We can see snow over on Evia, Mount Dirphys, has its winter coat on, perhaps a few more over there tomorrow will have too ...

Back to Namedays - Its traditional here to offer someone something sweet on your nameday - So help yourself ...

Back to the log pile now for some winter warmth, and a read before bed ...

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