Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It started wet this morning ...

The rain started at 6am almost to the dot. Plink plink pllink on the roof followed by a torrent in the street outside. Soon we were splashing through the puddles on the way to school. However the skies were clearing from the west, the sun was soon out and I had a bit of a sweat on as I did the shopping.

I went into a butcher that I use occasionally, he made up the order, but he had no change. He said take it pay me next time. I said no, you keep it aside, I will be back in twenty minutes. I came back and paid the man, Here they call him the Albanian butcher, what a nice man he is too ...

Lovely lemons everywhere at the moment, clementine and oranges too. I picked up some oranges with thick skins and they were huge, so juicy and fresh from the garden of the man who owns the small shop. Some of the lemons are so large they are called bread lemons like a small breadfruit.

I noticed a green pod on a tree, it looked unripe, and am not sure what it is. The last time I saw a pod like it it was a cocoa like this one below, it looks the same

Yet the one that I saw was Green and there were a few of them - must find out what it is ...

Today the National Bank is on strike, and its confirmed by a notice on the door. Apparently the doctors are on strike tomorrow. Papadamatis street was alive with locals shopping. Once again I was tempted to raid the excellent vegetable stalls, on he way to the Chinese shop. 

We have two Chinese shops and they are excellent. However I need some new slippers. Mine are totally destroyed from wear and tear. I need a size 43 - My feet have been that size for a number of years, and to my surprise we were on a 'size 45' and still I would have needed an extension to make them fit my heel. 

I was very impressed by the way the owner was sharpening his meat cleaver, so thought it best not to ask when the size '47's are expected in. I may need to arrange an airlift to the island before long, for likewise size 43 minded people ...

Its 3pm, and the sun has just passed out of sight its a lovely afternoon. Time for a walk, its a long while since I watched the Express Skiathos arrive - at least a week ...


  1. Hello there from over here on windy & rainy Corfu!!

    That is a wierd fruit...looks almost..alien! I've never seen one like it here, but you are right - it is shaped like a cocoa pod-thingy.

    Re: chinese shops, the last time I went to one, I was trying to find size 41. They didn't have any 41s in anything. The sales assistant just said '41 einai provlema' !

    Nice blog, it's nice to read about life on another greek island, I would like to explore some more some day.

    Naste kala!

  2. Hi Naomi

    Yassas Kerkyra apo Skiatho!

    Good to hear from you, clear skies here at the moment and somewhat draughty too. We have size 41's in stock ;)

    The pod that I have seen is green, like the one in Day of the triffids ...