Friday, 4 January 2013

Homage and memory Papadiamantis ...

The Municipality of Skiathos and the House - Museum Papadiamantis organize such event every year - an institution dedicated to Alexander Papadiamantis to honor his memory.
The Papadiamantis died in Skiathos on January 3, 1911.

This year the event is in honor and memory al. Papadiamantis, co-organized by the Cultural Center of Skiathos Churches, will be held Saturday, January 5, 2013 and will include:

-The morning will be celebrated at 09:30 memorial service at the Church Three Hierarchs

- At 11 a.m. at the Cultural Centre Churches will be a show for children entitled " Of Alexander Sun-tales . "
The guest of the Municipality of Skiathos ...
Athens, psycho-pedagogical and storyteller tales Ms. Sasha Voulgaris, will present a program full of Greek light and tell the children of Skiathos two Christmas stories of Papadiamantis in original language woven with folk tales about goblins.

- At 18:30 on the same site, the storyteller Sasha Bulgaria, which this year celebrates 20 years in professional storytelling and has entertained many children and adults in Greece, Cyprus and abroad, will perform the same program, adapted for adult audiences.
The afternoon event, which is offered as exalted and holy bread to Skiathitis writer, greet the Mayor of Skiathos Nicholas Sun Plomari and Aidesimologiotatos Vicar Fr George Stamatiou.
The editing and presentation of the event is the director of the Museum Papadiamantis Athena Papageorgiou.
Inviting all residents and visitors to participate in Skiathos this spiritual tribute.

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