Thursday, 10 January 2013

Early arrival at JSI ...

Talking to the boss this afternoon over coffee ...

Discussing my love of old photos, he was sharing some family images with me, and very good they were too. Then this one appeared. I have been after this for quite some time for my collection ...

Now for this early arrival at JSI, it was customary to get wet on arrival, unlike today.

Apparently the flying boat - a Dornier was repaired at the boat yard, after making a landing on the sea in what is now the new harbour.

Tonight, I have been able to trace a few details ...

Registration  I-AZAA
Dornier Wal Flying boat (Germany)
No 52 of 72

First flown 9.1.1927
Delivered 20.4.1927

Operated by SA Aero Expresso (Italy)
Registered 21/5/1927

Registered by Minestero Aeronautica

Registration cancelled by Administrazione Miltare Aeronautica

Was this the first winged arrival at JSI ever ?

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