Saturday, 29 December 2012

Winds of change ...

Yesterday we were sitting on the paralia.

Friends were enjoying the sunshine having escaped the bad weather in the UK, for their annual new year get away from it all.

I do admire the winter traveller. It sets them out from the rest. Down to Athens then on the bus to Volos, a night in a hotel. A morning cruise on the Express Skiathos, and they are here.

This morning however a winter storm has blown in and its cool windy and occasionally very wet. The rain started at 5am and the weather is set to be rough for around 24 hours. Strong winds are forcast overnight.

They should be OK for celebrating new year, on one of the deserted beaches though.

Travellers bring germs to the island too. There are many coughs and sneezes here at the moment. The news of the norovirus and what it can do with a cruise liner. Imagine what it would do here with the same number of inhabitants, and stretched medical support.

So no rest for me. Off now to catch up on my jobs, despite aching limbs and stormy skies, to the nearby buzz of a chainsaw. As someone prepares to keep warm as the old year blows out in style ...

20:45pm Update

We have had around 16 hours, of stormy weather, its the force 7 winds that are shaking the island.
Poseidon forecast another 24-36 hours of rain as the storm develops.  ...

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