Saturday, 22 December 2012

What a day ...

Well that was quite a day ...

Its not every day you are '21 again' but it really was fun. I spent the day bumping into friends here on the island. One thing led to another as it always does when you do not plan anything.

The best present that I could have was that my lovely wife, was able to share the day with me too. She spent Thursday evening making me a birthday cake, despite not feeling well.

We spent the morning, in our favourite coffee shop, The Gerani with junior, and friends, before I was led astray ...

A couple of beers at Syraino, with Denis, where the mezes are always quite substantial. Nice and warm too, with a great view of the old harbour.

I went home, and found out that some friends were 'hiding out' at the Mouria hotel, enjoying a meze. So I rather cheekily popped down to say hello.

Alex Teo Tommy & Andrea
They tried hard to drown me in tsipouro, and generosity however I was on best behavior.The mezes at Mouria are really very good, and the welcome is as warm as the open fire.

Octopus in red wine, soft and succulent ...
There was some magic taking place here, under the watching eyes of Alexander Papadamatis. You turn your head and your glass refill's by itself, and food appears on your fork ...

Off to the Old Port cafe, for a coffee and a chat.

... oh and another meze - Yes I did say coffee.

I was enjoying my coffee, cannot speak for the others, however, as the wheels were slowly coming off the birthday express.Two of the ladies, headed off for the late night shopping experience, and returned empty handed a little while later.

So as you do - we went for an impromptu meal with friends. We decided to head for Gravisi, a lovely little pizza restaurant, hidden in the back streets of town. However we found it was closed for Christmas and the new year. Back to the Old Port to pick up Tom, who we do not think had noticed we had left.

Onward and into Pizza Vesuvio, where we were made very welcome indeed. Lovely salads and pizzas, some shared, as the bellies were getting full. I had the spaghetti carbonara, which was lovely, even Junior helped me out, as its a firm favourite.

Junior was getting tired so departed for home with mamma, and bed - not a bad decision as the Birthday express headed on to the next port of call.

I was kidnapped, bundled into the back of a former hire car and taken to a secret address. I was rather worried by the kidnappers, as they kept mentioning their incontinence problems and they needed to go for a wee.

After a spot of pole dancing on the ring road ...

I ended up ten pin playing bowling (Very badly) on a 'Wii game' and it was a lot of fun.

The Mayan people probably knew it was a special day - as well as being the shortest one, but in my case a long one spent with friends and family into the early hours ...


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Congratulations Ian, wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas and a happy healthy New Year