Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Morning ...

Again its rather draughty, here this morning ...

The wind has been rattling the street all night along with a passing shower or two. It rather cool, enough to make you wrap up warm, and if you are a local to cover your mouth with a scarf, to avoid letting cool air into your lungs.

Its the type of cold air that makes you back ache, soon after getting up. Relief comes in the form of hot water, when you have a shower. Just enough to get you going at the start of the day.

I have exercised with a trip after the school run, up to the ring road. Carrefour seems to have finished with Christmas, and is now on New Year cakes and pastries. Not much sign of Christmas fare here, except the tree of course. However the €26 packet of Parma ham, strangely still remains plentiful and unloved on the shelf. Someone is clearly enjoying the leg of Parma Ham in the deli fridge, some has been sold over the weekend to a gastronomic customer.

Thanks to Simon, for the recipe for a Christmas Pudding minus the suet. Looks a good one, so will let you know what happens next. That is if I can stop SWMBO eating the dried fruit ingredients first, and Deutche Post DHL, turn up with the pudding kit by Christmas.

All the fun of 'Living on a green island in the Aegean' ...

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