Saturday, 1 December 2012

Kalo Mina - Dekemvrios ...

Kalo Mina - Good Month - Dekemvrios - December ...

Not a good start to the month, The local bakery in Tries Hieraches church square closed its doors yesterday. The big Bread oven has been fired up for the last time. The equipment is up for sale, another victim of the austerity process here in Greece.

When the price of bread drops in price, and the local supermarkets sell it 10cents cheaper, sourced from a rival bakery you have your back to the wall.

The simple economics are that if the landlords agreed to lower the rent, the business could still operate, and taxes and rents would be paid. Here in Skiathos that is not an acceptable option, so another business closes, another empty shop, and another landlord wondering what to do next.

Another coffee shop perhaps ...


  1. This news makes us very, very sad ... :-(

  2. Another part of the community dies, it will not be the last. Strangled by rents that are unrealistic, and high taxes.
    The last loaf baked was for the church service this Sunday.