Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ding Dong ...

merrily on high ...

The sleighbells were ringing all the way up Papadamatis street this morning. The loudspeakers have been turned on and the music was playing all along the street.

Up at the gymnasium school, it was packed, as we were met by the second most famous reindeer on the island.

Photo - Victoria Sandels - Skiathos books
The souvelaki and gluhwein  being enjoyed by all and sundry. It must have been good, it affected one of our island friends eyesight so badly, he had no recollection of us being there at all.

The children put on a great dance routine, on the basketball court, watched by many of the children and proud parents alike.

Great activities for the smaller children, where they were rewarded for completing a course of activities. Junior did not quite get the hang of it, the sweets clearly very nice distracted attention. Face painting - (Well done Christina) craft and decorative presents on sale in the classrooms.

There were some excellent cakes and pastries being passed around. Many more for sale, and outstanding quality too. The chocolate truffles again this year were a 10/10.

It was very well supported this year by the locals, and the cool weather helped, rather than the freezing weather of previous years. For me its a must do event, and a great shame its not as well supported by the islands ex-pat communities.

So a very well done to all concerned, the Ladies club and Green Fox, for putting on a great show, and getting the townsfolk together for the event.

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