Sunday, 4 November 2012

Island good nature by Vasilis Koralis ...

One summer here on Skiathos Island my very good friend Ray Morris was on a scuba diving excursion (Ray teaches scuba diving during the summer) when he suddenly spotted one of those large turtles (probably a Caretta-Caretta) struggling on the surface of the sea. This turtle had unfortunately swallowed a fishing hook attached to a line which was also attached to a rather large log. The turtle could not dive because of the log and was struggling to free himself on the surface of the water. Ray called out to the Greek owner of the boat (I forget his name) and pointed to the desperate turtle in a obvious state of distress. Ray, instantly dove into the sea, reached the turtle, cut the line attached to the log and carefully brought this large and helpless sea creature onto the boat. The Greek Coast Guard was phoned and told of this predicament. The scuba diving boat returned immediately to the Skiathos harbor where a Flying Dolphin hovercraft was waiting and the turtle was transferred onto the Flying Dolphin and rushed to the port of Agios Konstandinos where an ambulance, yes, an ambulance was waiting to take the turtle to Athens. Upon arriving in Athens the turtle was then transferred to the animal hospital there. A successful operation was performed removing the hook which was lodge deep into the turtle's stomach and the lucky turtle was then returned to the sea. Happy ending and a good example of how some Greeks react to an animal in distress. Bravo, Ray.

Photo's courtesy of Ray Morris

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  1. That is a lovely story....thanks to you and Vasilis for making me smile