Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No Money - No Honey ...

No one has any money on this island ...

If thats the case, how come there is so much building work taking place ?

I crossed town three times by 1pm, then another twice by 5pm. There is work taking place everywhere in town, and some of it is a lot more than general maintenance.

The village is reverberating as kango hammers, are being used, scaffold towers erected. Even our street has major works in one of the houses, and deliveries all day, and truckloads of rubble being removed.

Even some of the old derelict houses are showing signs of new life. Its great to see some investment taking place in what are tough times.

More rain showers today, however it seems the bad weather has passed by at least for a few days. The thunderstorm radar has nothing within 400km of us, so a quiet night in prospect it seems.

Just what you need after a home made lasagne, glass of red and a piece of plum cake.

Old episode of the Masterchef final to view, followed by a slow scan of the back of the eyelids ...

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