Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Long Trousers ...

I wore long trousers today - for all the wrong reasons ...

Early this morning, it rained heavily. Yet this morning in daylight the streets were dry again.

I set out early to bring stores for winter back to the house, kindling that i have been collecting, and a few cans of beer for winter. The car boot was quite full of wood for firing up the mighty woodburner. Hopefully not until much later this year.

Our Carrefour supermarket reduced the price of Fix beer by 50% yesterday on a one day promotion. I have not seen so much beer shifted in such a short time. They were moving pallets of the stuff from the warehouse into the store, and it was going just as quick through the tills.

It was €1.86 for 4x500ml cans. Bottles 500ml were 72 cents each with 14 cents back on the returned bottle. I think its going to be on the menu, at many more local establishments next year. Book up quick if you want to enjoy the experience ...

Beer and kindling safely stored back at base, I had to raise the house occupants. Not the easiest of tasks as the mornings are now much darker, and the desire to stay in bed much stronger.

By the time we were prepared to leave, the house it was raining again. Cloudy skies and a cool draught outside. So I opened the wardrobe and started looking for those strange things, that I have not seen for six months - The fading denims ...

Just as well, as the skies were very heavy and the drizzle threatened a downpour at any moment.

We crossed town and back without getting too damp, and the threatening skies, did not give us the deluge that was clearly promised.

Back at home, I scanned the Facebook page as we do here for news, and there was the info we were expecting. Phil's funeral today at 12 noon, at Tries Hieraches church. That was in around an hour and a half.

Quick calls to friends as not everyone is on the FB news machine. Change my plans and get the suit out of the wardrobe.

By 11.45 we were sheltering from the rain under the canopy of the venue bar. A very well attended gathering, and Greek and Albanian neighbours joining the Brits assembled there in the rain.

I have never attended a Greek funeral before, I am very impressed by the dignity and respect that was displayed to Phil and his wife and family today, by all those who were present. Especially the close friends, his Greek neighbours, and the representatives of the Greek Orthodox church.

A few people said to me today they did not know Phil, I cannot claim to either. Yet whenever I met him and his wife, we always passed the time of day. Me like so many others assembled today at his time of passing,  had been touched by our island neighbour.

On a small island we all really do know each other, just a little. It just sad that it takes an occasion like this to make you realise that. RIP Phil ...

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