Friday, 5 October 2012

A perfect afternoon ...

Well for me anyway ...

I was hobbling past Limanaria, heading towards the airport, when Yorgo screeched to a halt on his ancient scooter. Get on he said, well easier said than done, with a dodgy trotter and away we went.

Yorgo can talk, give advice, answer a mobile and pass me a cream pie - whilst driving. Who says men cannot multitask. Even did a swift U-turn and mobile pick up when my cap flew off. Somehow I managed to get off the scooter and swing the dodgy trotter over a piece of plywood, where the crate will go - or had been ...

The Amaretto had a few aircraft enthusiasts, all watching the distant terminal. We could hear one of the aircraft on tickover ready for departure. Seated and an Amstel at the ready, friends arrived and so did the replacement for the Manchester strategic aircraft - Strategic having gone bust two days earlier ...

The Czech travel service Boeing 737-800 with Spanish advertising heading for Manchester

Then another beer and a few jokes as we caught up with 'chippie' Ray on his new project with olivewood and driftwood collected from the beaches. I reminded him to leave some for us, as we need to keep the home fires burning this winter ...

Next up, was the Aurelia for London Gatwick. A rather old 737-300 that had clearly seen a lot of life, and not been near the aircraft wash in a while.

I went down to the waters edge, to get a centre line photo, and got chatting with a pilot. Busmans holiday, at the airport watching the aircraft. So lots of interesting info about the engines and approach from someone in the know. Also lots of opinion on the airline that had just gone under ...

Next in is one of my favourites, and a real workhorse. The mighty Monarch from Manchester - G-MONK. Loved the ground effect wave of air as it passed around 100 feet over my head. The waft of warm spent kerosene following closely behind in its vapour trail.

G-MONK turning onto runway 02 the pilots waving their departuure maps to us, and giving  us all the thumbs up  ...

In next was the replacement for the Gatwick strategic aircraft - A Livingston Airbus, no landing photo, as I had a beer rather than a camera in hand.

Then the arrival and departure of the last Monarch, Heading for London Gatwick  G-MONJ. Again the Monarch crew waving to us, before they rattled the windows in town with the thunderous departure up runway 02  and into the evening skies.

Then it went very quiet, and we have one aircraft departure tomorrow for the UK, then we get the island back ...


  1. Good photos Ian.

    Enjoy your peaceful winter, hope the foot gets better soon.
    I see BBC Weather shows another few days of excellent weather ahead for you so have a few quiet beach days but I guess if you live there you don't bother too much with the beaches?


    1. I love the beach at this time of year, its our Indian Summer, and we have them all to ourselves ...

    2. If you are over there and "the foot" allows do my boss a favour and take nice big picture of a very empty Mandraki Elias beach.
      It will make a nice Desktop for her PC.


    3. I cannot hot foot it anywhere, If i were a horse it would be a short course of treatment ...

  2. Didn't hear about Strategic going bust.
    Wonder who Olympic Holidays will use next year.
    Back to Monarch maybe?

    1. They sacked the crews on Wednesday, after Olympic cancelled the contract. Must be financial issues as they advised Olympic, they were in difficulties, allowing them to make a contingency plan.
      The operators for the time being and for 2013 are Czech Travel Service, Livingston, and Aegean airlines where they can offer seats ...