Saturday, 29 September 2012

What no fishing ...

Spyros is grounded ...

Not in the literal sense, but there is no point in going fishing, Its a full moon, the time when fish hide from the shiny influence above. Many say it is pointless to fish during a full moon, but others are adamant that their catches are particularly good during a full moon.

The moonlight could affect, nocturnal fish, who might be deterred from light, because they could be spotted much easier and therefore run into danger to be eaten by other predatory fish.

Now the best time for fishing, is dawn an dusk. That's when you see the boats heading off to sea in their hunt for fish. So what do you do when you are a fisherman and there is no point in going fishing ?

Well at dawn you repair the nets, or take a coffee with your mates down on the Paralia.

However at dusk, its a time to scrub up, put on your best shirt, splash on some aftershave, and practise your Shirley Valentine routine.

Last nights willing 'victim' almost skipped along the Paralia, rediscovering her youth, as she arrived for her date. Well dressed, and you could actually see her blushing She was swiftly escorted off into the night, by our Greek charmer to a local taverna. For an evening of Ouzo, music and good food.

Later, she was gazing into his eyes, as the ouzo had taken effect, he was laughing, and she was smiling and curling her hair with her fingers ...

Its early now, but is that the sound of a fishing boat, that I can hear returning from Tsougria ?

Thats strange surely no-one can be fishing its a full moon - perhaps there is some truth in the story, that fishermen can be lucky at this time after all  ...

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