Saturday, 8 September 2012

Skiathos Weather station ...

There is a new weather station here in Skiathos. It is located in the middle of the town, in Evaggelistrias street near the Gym. 

The system is a Davis Vantage Wireless Pro2. The results, which are recorded and updated every five minutes, are displayed here

The weather station is Provided & Supervised by Nikos Paschalis, our island astronomer - In collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens, You can find his observatory website here which is based in Xanemos.

Xanemos, being at the north of the island, not suffering from light pollution, is a great location for an observatory. Nikos advises, he has plans to install Thunderstorm radar, to accompany his other services which include an all sky camera, and wind speed monitoring.

You can see the current all sky image, from Xanemos here ...

Please note due to improvements being made to the telephone network, the station may go offline from time to time over the next week or so. However it is an excellent addition to the island meteorological  services ...

Nikos advises the telephone lines are not due to be restored by OTE until Monday 17th September. The Xanemos site is fully operational. You can see the details here

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