Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Missing Jose Benito Sanchez (Appeal for help)

Missing Jose Benito Sanchez

Dear friends, the Friends of JOSE, want to receive your help. These days are scouring the area of Aghia Paraskevi, around the house. It is easy to contact them by phone 698 684 9687 or phone 693 895 7507. It is important to know that the group is in the area of Aghia Paraskevi and are for teams of 2 people scouring the area meter by meter. Those volunteers can contact by phone.

Unfortunately, we can not know from Spain that make each moment, because we try to communicate with them only what is important. We have not put more posters, because when we put them right when the disappearance occurred, people would take them off, and the next day we had to put them back, so we took off to search JOSE time. We have been afraid to return to happen and we thought to do search directly. We think that by now everyone in the island, which is quite small, should know for JOSE. PLEASE menecesitamos more help if you are interested get close to the area of Aghia Paraskevi or call before the phone numbers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION

I have advised the team that there needs to be more posters in town, the information boards on the harbour are all but empty, now the season is coming to an end. Next week the island is going to be very quiet.
People will be leaving tourism contracts in the next few days, and may be able to help. I have seen one small poster on a lamp post - that is all ...

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